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Grow Your User Base With Minimum Effort

Are you looking for ways to grow the user base for your mobile application? Then you have arrived at the right place. Here you will find a curated collection of landing page HTML templates that will help you build an engaging online presentation for your mobile app and convince visitors to become users. All templates in the roundup are premium which means you need to pay for them but small amounts nothing that will break the bank.

  • Real-time Data

    All templates in the roundup are premium which means you need to pay for them but we're talking small amounts of money which won't break your bank account but will help authors make a living. In return you get a high quality, updated item together with technical support for anything that could go wrong.

  • Simple Integration

    Nothing too fancy HTML/CSS will do just fine and a little bit of image editing. You can always hire a web designer to help with the customization work while you provide the template and the content. So without any further ado let's dive right in and find out which landing page template is the right one.

  • Very Easy To use

    Riga is a landing page HTML template made with Bootstrap to help you showcase your mobile app online and persuade visitors to download it from the app stores. The author used Bootstrap to build the template and integrated a nice animated navigation that slides from outside the screen like an offcanvas navbar.

  • High Accuracy

    Features include an eye catching morphtext in the header, details lightbox for more details information, statistics numbers for important values, card slider for testimonials, image slider for customer logos and working forms. The features are included to help you create a better online presentation.

  • Reporting Tools

    Some useful extra pages are bundled with the template lik article details, terms conditions and privacy policy which can be customized as per your requirements. Riga has an impactful dark style design combined with warm colors and angular background shapes with the unique goal of making your mobile app stand out.

Use Landing Pages To Generate Leads


Improve The Conversion Rate For The Long Term

Something had to be done with the product page in order to increase sales. So I decided to lose the full landing page template screenshot in favor of a square shaped cover image which allows for improved text arrangement benefiting both the user and SEO efforts. This move made room for the all important Recommended Templates section, introduced to help users browse templates easier and increase conversions.

Besides product pages I've upgraded the homepage too, first with category pages for essential landing page subjects and second with a new way of purchasing Inovatik templates. Up until now the user had the option to acquire templates individually but now he can get them all together in a huge value special offer package called Big Bundle.

  • Card slider for testimonials, statistics numbers for important values image slider for logos
  • Dropdown navigation and useful extra pages for article details, terms conditions and privacy policy
  • Clean light design mixing purple, orange and gray hues with one color backgrounds to maximize
  • Together with touches of call to action green, the overall landing page design will showcase your app
  • This template is built with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap to ensure the highest flexibility for all users